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* Five years ago, I decided to subscribe to an Internet access provider and get into the "empty" ... So far nothing very extraordinary, and there were already a lot of people who - they said - was surfing on the Great Web. One more, it would not change much. Yes to others. But not for me. Computers, I knew a lot of things, especially how to use it. Their "guts" began to familiar myself with no more than I very much appreciated. So it was time to plunge. Yes ... But ...

About computers, I knew a lot of things, especially how to use it. Their "guts" began to familiar myself with no more than I very much appreciated. So it was time to plunge. Yes ... But

Internet ??? What to do with ??? Internet?? Why?? I am in front of my server, with lots of nice characters on the line, ready to help you online to get started. I give thanks for their infinite patience. In fact the first steps to me were not very difficult. Not too much. I do not plant too much, and everything was in order for the leap without a net ... An e-mail and websites, URLs galore. Then the night before my screen, proud of me, connected properly to go ...?? It is nice yes but what?? Towards whom? to what?? The world is so big, the World Wide Web more ... I feel helpless. I spent ages unn little games, I'm not a historical researcher experienced the same issue is raised and turned over the counter ... what to do ..

Not have I said, I can not stay like that he must go. Here we go: volcanoes. I type "volcano" on the search engine and now even a string of addresses flashes before my eyes ... It's everywhere. What to do once again go?? Indonesia?? Etna?? Mexico?? Visit the old Vesuvius?? In a word choice with a capital "C". I'm going anywhere. I do not remember, but the volcano was beautiful and vomited live its lava and fumarole I could not believe my eyes ... I stopped, tired and sated, but decided to continue. Tomorrow?? Just now ?? I had a free field I only had to find the reason and motives, keywords and be like everyone else, I'd be on the Internet.

I'm on the Internet.

I'm here I stay and that's good. Beginning with a few email addresses of dear friends, I got an important book that keeps me in touch with about the world. But above all I discovered in my early days of connection, that could reach "groups" for discussion under the heading I was when I discovered in my family papers some notes about my Father's part of the family from Isle of Chios. I threw any chance for a first message that would respond, asking if there were people named "Vlasto"... The answer took a while to wait but a month after I threw that bottle the sea, I received in my mail box an interesting answer to which I am quick to respond and I ended my response with these words :

""I'm interested in your family because that is also mine. I have a Great, Great, Great Grandmother named Julie Vlasto!"

Questions, answers, questions, answers ... Imagine the rest..

Yarn needles, Pages Drum took shape. I had enough to "feed" and gradually, like a good child growing up my little personal site and recently I passed successfully in the "Big Unit" having a Domain name and address as those I Envy:! Over time, I was making friends, rediscovered the pleasure to write, send photos, find lost friends and genealogy, which tickled a growing number of Internet users, also leads me on to amazing discoveries.

Many times when I opened my mail box, there is an unknown name, a very polite message, beginning with "Dear Madam," and ending with "Sincerely" ... And suddenly I read a name, family name ... a Roger, a Paltinis a Nicole, a Demosthenes, a Maria. They are Athens, Bucharest, Paris, London, Manchester or even the Mississippi, or elsewhere. They found me by searching for God knows what, they sailed on Pages Drum and write to tell me. This is how I found a cousin whom we had no news for ages. So after my answer his messages have become a little less conventional and friendship and affection have become common. There is every discovery, a twinge of heart and a happy question. I love this time we will find even what is not looking. This is the chance of the Internet.

* Now it's been over eighteen years living Les Pages Tambour! Put on the WWW 19 of january 1999 !

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