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Paintings of Riny Blaisse

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Riny is one of my dearest friends. We met in Lisbon where our husbands had been named, each one within the framework of their activity. We bound of very major friendship, our children were almost same age and in fact, in spite of distance between us were never left. We meet each time we can it and we have with each meeting a lot of important exchanges, as only can have "true" friends.

If you want to contact Riny BLAISSE :

Artemisstraat 101
1076 DV , Amsterdam

Tel : + 31 203 413 894

or you can also inform me by email and I will make her follow your "desideratas".

All these paintings are proposed to you, and you can ask for prices, by phone or mail Riny Blaisse is a painter of talent, of which the course is illustrated by many exposures, known galleries, without counting the number of collectors which have one or more its works.
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