Papa & Maman

Papa and Maman just married

This page, first of all, I pay tribute to my Father and my Mother I associate with all myheart. Thanks to them I had a wonderful childhood, adolescence informed by their love, their understanding, their advice. The condition of one child is certainly not always ideal, but I think they both managed to compensate this lack of siblings, they could not give me. As time passes, the more I realize how precious they are me and how I miss them still. They are both a model for me, "maman" with loving care and tenderness and "papa" with the know "forward, learn, encourage. " They have given me immense love, a certain "joie de vivre", and a culture that I never would deny.

Papa & Maman

Simone and Jacky at Suffren in 1923

If so late I was able to create this site "Les Pages Tambour" I owe them. Their memories, their memories, all they gave me left a legacy, all came to this point in time swarming of innovations, innovations and new techniques to allow me to put "black on white"- if we can say without laughing! - these images, these memories, these memories that are dear to me and I want my suite makes good use especially is interested

With hints of Dad, I threw myself on the Internet to try to find those roots, those families who had suffered and fled the Turks and their atrocities in 1822 during the "Massacre at Chios".

I add my thanks to all authors of the messages of encouragement, compliments, and congratulations to everyone who help me to work and still work well.

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